About Us

We buy, sell and trade all kinds of military collectibles; patches, uniforms, helmets and field gear from all branches of service and all countries of the world. We also stock surplus and keep a large inventory of items necessary for war re-enacting and hunting.

We buy, sell and trade centuries old antiques all the way up current military gear. We have a variety of interests including stamps, vintage magazines and railroad collectibles. We also purchase entire collections.

We started out as Eagle Sales in Chicago in 1983.  We participated in nationwide re-enactments and always stocked equipment and uniforms needed by the re-enactors.  We have been catering to the re-enactment world ever since.

We have evolved into A Nice Mess and are now located in the Phoenix area.  Because we stock numerous items for war re-enacting, our site is flooded with enemy insignia.  However,  we hold no political ideologies and only sell Nazi, Vietcong, Confederate and other items as collectibles only.

We stock our shelves as often as we can so please check back often.

We buy whole collections as well as consign them.